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    Primary terpenes may differ batch to batch.

    Rare Darkness is a heavily sedating strain that is great for pain relief, stress reduction, and most especially, sleep. The high concentration of b-caryophyllene helps with inflammation throughout the body providing superior relief from chronic symptoms. It provides muscle relaxation for those suffering from restlessness. Primary Terpenes: 1) B-Caryophyllene. Aroma: pepper, spicy, woody, cloves. Symptom relief: GI symptoms, inflammation, muscle spasms, pain. 2) Linalool. Aroma: floral, citrus. Symptom relief: anxiety, convulsions, depression, stress, (especially in combination with high CBD). Primary terpenes may differ batch to batch.

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    This strain is one of my favorites especially for sleep and I've tried alot of medical strains and prescription meds. The refreshing feeling you feel after using this strain is great after a good night's sleep. It also helps stress, anxiety, and depression among other symptoms. This strain is amazing one of my favorites!