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    Primary terpenes may differ batch to batch.

    Ringo’ Gift is a potent CBD strain perfect for those suffering from inflammatory pain or other symptoms of body discomfort. This strain is powerful in combating anxiety and stress and is also highly beneficial for those prone to panic attacks due to emotional or physical distress. Primary Terpenes: 1) Myrcene. Aroma: tropical, citrus, musky, cloves, earthy, herbal. Symptom relief: depression, inflammation, insomnia, muscle spasms, pain. 2) Pinene. Aroma: pine, sage. Symptom relief: asthma, fatigue, inflammation, pain, short term memory loss (from THC). Primary terpenes may differ batch to batch.

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    I come home very painful and swollen. On My 1st hit my lungs start to open. On my 2nd hit I feel my body trying to resist. On my 3rd hit I am engulfed by this wave of tingling throughout my body shooting up into my head then throughout my body and my body decides that resistance is futile and it releases. The amount of emergency inhaler I've had to use his dropped dramatically. And I sleep better at night with the high CBD flower. I also do the CBD gummies, but the flower gives me instantaneous relief