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    Do you have trouble sleeping at night due to pain or just need to relax? Verdes D8 Bedtime Blend highlights two terpenes, humulene and myrcene, to loosen your muscles and ease you into a good night's sleep. This blend is beneficial for easing pain, reducing anxiety, and promoting sleep. It was created to offer you the relief of our Flower blends in a vapable option. Made using 100% pure oil, with a D8-THC dominate blend, these cartridges are flavorful and designed to maximize their medicinal effects. Each blend is available per each harvest, so selection will vary. To learn more about D8-THC, please click here.

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    me like long time

    The flavor and feeling, it perfect for me, I have PTSD from combat, USAF veteran and this helps me out in many ways, sleep, mood and gives me a little appetite. Thank you folks at 87109 store, helped me decide on what I needed and very informative staff.